Fig-02 Bonneted Knife Gate Valve

Fig-02 Bonneted Knife Gate Valve

- The bonneted KGV is used in difficult services to provide superior stem sealing for preventing possible exposure of media.

- Manual Handwheel, Bevel Gear, Pneumatic, Hydraulic cylinder and Electric Motors can be equipped with a variety of actuator.

- Scraper for gate wiper & Purge port for cleaning are also optional

- 304, 316,317L with Hastelloy, Duplex other exotic alloys are optional.

Shut off & Testing

Metal Seat 3” -36” (40cc/Min/MSS SP-81)

42” – 64” (60cc/Min/ Manufacturer Standard)

Resilient & Engineering Plastic (PTFE, MC Nylon) Seat

Zero leakage all sizes

Shell Test

1.5 times at rated pressure CWP (Cold Working Pressure)


DIMENSIONS (manual type)

DIMENSIONS (pneumatic type)