Fig-00. Dual PTFE Seated Knife gate


The Korea Dayton Valve KDV 150-MM is a PTFE seated Knife gate valve featuring a cast stainless steel body, packing gland, gate, and yoke.

The heavy-duty cast body resists deflection from line loadsand internal pressure. It is tested to withstand up to 150 PSI of pressure as required by MSS SP-81 and ASME B16.5Class 150 specifications.

We offer seating options such as an o-ring resilient insert, or hard-face surfacing to prevent galling from high cycle, high end pressure, and abrasive applications. Also standard is a precision machined stainless steel gate designed to withstand pressures up to 150 PSI.

It’s beveled design provides shut-off capability in thick media such as pulp stock, slurries, and solids such as pelets or powders. he stainless steel stem resists corrosion, and is accompanied by a stainless steel stem nut retainer that protects the brass stem bushing from harsh environments, and reduces operating torque.

Our Teflon Synthetic Packing is rated standard with a Ph range of 3-11, and temperature rating up to 500 Converting the heavy-duty yoke from the handwheel operator to cylinder, bevel gear, or electric motor is easy and requires no welding.

Available in T304, T316, T317 Stainless Steel.

Flanges match ANSI 150LB, PN10, TABLE “D”, JIS 10 Standard with all tapped holes.